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Gardening as Exercise

With hopefully our last frost behind us, we're ready to get those outdoor projects started and gardens planted. For this month's article, we will highlight some of the key points from a recent Tennessee Chiropractic Association article concerning gardening and exercising. Let's turn gardening from a potential chore to a healthy activity.

Key Points: 1) Nature-based activities, according to research, have multiple mental health benefits such as improvement of depressive moods and reduction in anxiety.

2) With a little planning, gardening can include a workout that involves endurance, flexibility and strength right in your own backyard.

3) Gardening is one of the most popular ways individuals over the age of 50 can maintain healthy bone mass. Also, gardening typically burns 100-200 calories per hour and can even reach 500 cal.

Be sure to warm up and cool down along with stretching just as you would with normal exercise.

* To read the full article click the link provided:

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