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May: National Posture Awareness Month

This month we will discuss a topic that affects each and every one of us in our daily lives. May is known as National Postural Awareness Month, and posture is defined as the way in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. While ‘good posture’ is something that we all have heard about, it typically is not a conscious effort that we think about daily. Healthy posture and postural habits help an individual place the least amount of strain needed to achieve positions of our daily activities. Let’s take a deeper dive into this topic.

First, we need to define what good posture is. Ideal posture can be defined as positions in which the least amount of tension or energy is needed to maintain proper joint alignment and stacking. This allows less stress to be placed upon the supporting muscles, ligaments, and joints. The premise behind this is ideal posture helps prevent or reduce the risk of abnormal wear and tear on the joints and strain of the soft tissue structures while letting the body operate most efficiently.

However, we all know how hard maintaining ideal posture all the time can be. While we can shoot for ideal, we must also be realistic in our expectations. Some of the latest research and ideology is starting to incorporate the importance of movement micro-breaks. Poor posture has a cumulative effect so sustaining poor posture for extended times is where the negative effects can potentially come into play. By implementing micro-breaks into your daily routine, it has been shown to help offset some of the effects and discomforts of poor posture. Set a reminder or write yourself a note to take a micro-break occasionally during the day and notice the difference. It will remind you to change postures and get some movement in, which is good for the musculoskeletal system.

In conclusion, hopefully this article brings awareness to the importance of your posture in your daily activities, especially when sitting for extended times. While it is important to try and maintain good posture, also remember the idea of micro-breaks and movement. Good posture and micro-breaks can help decrease the risk of abnormal wear and tear on the joints and strain of the surrounding soft tissue structures. Utilizing proper ergonomic and movement strategies can help prevent these problems.

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